Earth Day Films

Two weeks ago, I commented on the film Born to be Wild.  Today, I would like to recommend two more films that are appropriate for Earth Day.

Today, the film African Cats opened.  Produced by Disney•Nature, this documentary follows the families of two cat species, lions and cheetahs.  The mother cats put their own lives at risk, from predators and rival adolecent males to protect what is most important to them, their cubs.  Beautifully shot, African Cats depicts the unconditional love and self sacrifice that was previously only attributed to humans.

Another film I saw recently was Rio.  This animated musical adventure depicts the beauty of the Brazilian rainforest and its avain residents.  Rio depicts, in a child friendly way, the issue of smuggling birds into the exotic pet trade.  Rio is a fun movie that opens important discussions about keeping wildlife wild.

Both these films encourage people of all ages to preserve the natural world.  Check them out in local theatres.

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