Happy Feral Cat Day!

Today is International Feral Cat Day.  Feral cats are cats that have been born outside with minimal or no human contact before seven weeks of age.  Descended from abandoned or lost pets, as well as wandering pets, these cats live in families of cats known as colonies.

The life span of a feral cat is about three years, compared to the life-span of a house cat, which is upwards to twenty years or more.  Because feral cats are wild, they are prone to the same danger other wild animals faced namely predators and disease.  Being wild animals, these cats don’t adapt well to indoor life.  The best way to help feral cats is to prevent more from being born, through a Trap-Neuter-Return program, in which feral cats are fixed and vaccinated before being returned to their colony.  Toronto Animal Services Scarborough location has a free TNR clinic at 821 Progress Ae.  TAS, as well as the Toronto Humane Society, are involved with TNR programs throughout the city.  To find out more, visit www.feraltoronto.com.


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