Spirit as Lady Wisdom


Another image for the Holy Spirit in Scripture is the one given in Proverbs, centering on Proverbs 8, as Lady Wisdom, the feminine side of God’s character who played together with God in the beginning yet was also God, and worked together with God in shaping all of creation.
In Proverbs, Lady Wisdom is pictured as going out into creation, calling out for wayward children of humanity to come home to her, to be taught the ways that bring life, meaning, wholeness.

Matthew Fox writes about this inner wisdom the Spirit as Lady Wisdom grants us in his book Original Blessing.
Fox writes,
“we are all born with an original wisdom [so that] life’s task is to set up this tent of wisdom, which comes to us small and folded up as children. This rich image is mirrored in the work of … Buddhist nun, Pema Chodran who writes:…

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