(repost) Song of the South: Water-mark


Ephesians talks about us being sealed with the Holy Spirit as a sign of our redemption.  This poem I wrote some time ago pictures aspects of how I have experienced this work of the Spirit in my life.  How have you experienced being “marked” by the Spirit’s work and life?



waves beach

Walls of water fall thick all around us both,

An ocean opening from sky above

Lacking only that briny saline smell

Which clung to me as a little boy

Emerging from the sea

Where I had been bathing with my brother and sisters

I remember that aroma falling about meafghan

Thick as Aunt Elaine’s afghan

Which I later would wrap around me

On cool Morrisville winter nights

Deep in camping mode, daddy said to us

“Don’t worry about no shower.

That sea will get you clean enough”.

That odor’s lingering embrace

Led me to feel unexpected kinship


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