(repost) Holy Spirit as Mother, Christ as Big Brother


This is something I wrote some time ago on the Spirit’s role as Mother of all living, and Christ as brother and friend.  In what ways do you experience the Spirit as this presence in your life?


Our readings in the New Testament focus first on the work of Christ as older brother, the one who has gone ahead of us on the path God has laid out for us. Yet they center on the work of the Holy Spirit, which Trinitarian theologian Jurgen Moltmann has come to call the motherly work of God with us and for us.
Jurgen Moltmann, in his book The Source of Life, writes:

“If the experiences of the Holy Spirit are grasped as being a `rebirth’ or a `being born anew’, this suggests an image for the Holy Spirit which was quite familiar in the early years of Christianity, especially in Syria, but…

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The healing power of gratitude

My Joyous Feature

A de-stressor takes a part of calmness through the body and brain. Something that’s powerful to say and writing it down. It can be like putting down goals. Bringing it into that powerful standard. Passing it through that peaceful state.

It can bring that healing sensation. Sensing the need to soothe like listening to classical or relaxing music. It can add some meditation along with it. It may reduce the level of tension. It’s called gratitude. The soothing phrase is “the healing power of gratitude”.

Through the healing power of gratitude is that you’re thankful for the life and support you have in your lifetime. Gratitude does bring that power of healing. Putting that healing process through that peaceful ending of life.

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Alive in this Perfect Moment


Your senses notice the sky ablaze with color.
The sun emits a soft steady light
while slowly sinking into the depths
marking the close to another day.
You are alive with the beauty of knowing
that this is a perfect moment.

©words and photo: Alexis Rose

Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

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Spirit as Lady Wisdom


Another image for the Holy Spirit in Scripture is the one given in Proverbs, centering on Proverbs 8, as Lady Wisdom, the feminine side of God’s character who played together with God in the beginning yet was also God, and worked together with God in shaping all of creation.
In Proverbs, Lady Wisdom is pictured as going out into creation, calling out for wayward children of humanity to come home to her, to be taught the ways that bring life, meaning, wholeness.

Matthew Fox writes about this inner wisdom the Spirit as Lady Wisdom grants us in his book Original Blessing.
Fox writes,
“we are all born with an original wisdom [so that] life’s task is to set up this tent of wisdom, which comes to us small and folded up as children. This rich image is mirrored in the work of … Buddhist nun, Pema Chodran who writes:…

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The human lake.

The single bear gets caught up in an urban backyard.

Hello, I am a bear

Sometimes I feel like I really know the forest. I know its trees. I know its sounds. I know its soft grass and the insanity of its squirrels. I know where the deer goes and I know his despicable face. In a comforting way, I know the forest.

But when that feeling settles in for too long, I get a little worried. Do I know the forest too well? Have I really exhausted all of its awe-inspiring majesty? Perhaps the comfort is too great, and I need new and interesting things to find and experience in the forest.

And then I found a human lake.

And I remember that the comfort in familiarity is usually much better than the chaos of new experiences.

The human lake was near a human cave. I was following the aroma of what I thought must have been a lovely dumpster when I found the…

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Women Power: The Life on Strong Women

My Joyous Feature

“I’m a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.” - Maya Angelou

A woman can receive the courage to have that strong-bearing life. A woman can be phenomenal on everything that they wanted to. They can possess their own-ability to stand up and choose their own rights. It doesn’t matter what others intend a woman should deal with their own life only for themselves and also for other women around. They accept to believe in their true selves on it.

What can a woman do to attain their own rights?

A woman has to fight for their own rights by standing up and take that lead. A standing ovation can put a much stronger side to every woman’s affection. Demanding on every tier for them a woman can balance that standard of life and speak for themselves. They could urge on others to stand up for themselves. They can find that…

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Song of the South: Life Weaver


Psalm 139 depicts the Holy Spirit as one who is always with us, who weaves us together, knitting us together in our mother’s wombs and knitting together our lives.

The following poem explores this theme.  I hope this blesses you!


Life Weaver

seamstress 2

I see her, needle and thread in hand,

knitting away her fear and sorrow

for the little one laying before her,

knitting away the losses that lie

at the root of each fear

with more precision than I,

knees and hands caked in dirt,

ever can pull up my weeds by their roots

in my own garden,

yet also knitting hopes and dreams,

as if each new strand

creates a brighter future

for this child of love.

And perhaps it does.

They say our intention, when deeply held

in meditation,

in prayer,

in concentration,

has some quantum power

to shape our world.

The story is that water,

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With a Wink and a Smile


Sometimes the climb to the top of the mountain is rigorous and uneven.

Rest and gather strength on the summit.

Look to the person next to you who never strayed from your side.

Then with a smile and a wink set off together for your next adventure.

©Alexis Rose,  image source Pixabay

Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

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Tears can flow away through your soul

My Joyous Feature

There’s a life with some tears of pleasure. Showing in with that sad, tender relief. You cry your tears away with a sudden joy. There’s actually others that don’t deserve your tears. You kept these tears to yourself. Hidden these tears so no one won’t take hold of them.

There can be some comfort beside you. Someone can help you wipe your tears off. They don’t make you feel in such a negative manner. They tin be a shoulder for you to cry on. They can trust you in that positive way.

These tears are part of an emotional state both physically and mentally. It’s like two different souls has taken over you. Bringing different sides to choose from. Tears come beneath the heart. Letting it pour out like a tiny raindrop. Tears are just that feeling beyond life.

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A dream and a prayer

I love Jessica Miller’s Christian influenced poems.

My Joyous Feature

A prayer that awakens the internal circle of a dream. Carried a full life beyond a person’s thoughts. There’s that power to entitled so many affairs. Finding it hard to believe? Looking beyond some truthful tale beyond it. Putting that mind of honesty through that thinking point.

Beyond a prayer that can put some hopes into someone’s life they can fully see that strong ability. An ability that can function with that dream through prayer. Carrying out a lifespan beyond a person’s choice of life. Holding that key to that open minded world. Finding out some opportunities beyond it.

A person shall catch that moment beyond their eye. Finding something new and different. They can cherish a dream and a prayer all together no matter what.

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