Leave It To Beavers

My Altona Forest

The most amazing thing happened to Lacey’s Pond this spring … it rained and rained … and then rained some more. That’s a whole lot of water.

Those familiar with Lacey’s Pond in Altona Forest will know that the native cattails took hold and choked out any open water in the pond. They build a dense mat; last year’s layer of dead plant material below this year’s growth. Last summer and the one before there wasn’t really any pond at all – no open water. It became a cattail marsh. And while the grassy wetland is still a great spot for fostering natural species of the forest, it didn’t provide the open water frogs and other aquatic species require.

Many naturalists were sad to see this pond morphed to a filled-in space – and hoped remediation could be undertaken to bring back the pond to enhance the forest’s viable ecosystems. It would help replace…

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