I made some new sounds?

Hello, I am a bear

I like to believe I know my sounds. Most of them are very “grrr” or “arrrrr” based. Sometimes my nose makes “choooo” sound and my padded paws pressing the ground make a sort of short, stout “shtump” sound. I like that one when it gets against crunchy autumn leaves and changes to a “chashtump” noise. That is a good sound.

As of late, however, I have made some interesting new sounds. I thought it would be best to examine them to better understand them.

Rawchacha: I made this sound when a fly got caught in my nose. When I spun my head around to shake it out my mouth flew open, sending the noise from my teeth tongue. I think it is supposed to a sound indicative of something unpleasant or intrusive.

Hrrraccckaaa: This noise was my instant response to a horrible itch I had inside of my throat. Rarely…

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