A moment to just #RiskEveryday 

My Joyous Feature

[Earlier I listen to a podcast episode that was first broadcast on Friday, July 7. The episode of the podcast called “WTF Am I Doing With My Life? with Kristy Arnett”. It’s on her very own way to #riskeveryday. #RiskEveryday has a hashtag where others will share their own stories. I will put down my very own version of risking everyday.]

There’s a power to risk every day. You’ll acquire it within that much needed level. Bringing the part of seeing your own inner power. Placing all these true thoughts and words to take that pleasure.

You open your thoughts with that passion of life. Risking yourself in so many ways. Taking that opportunity to overpower it. Challenging yourself with that open-minded trust.

There’s that inner core that you can occupy with you as you risk every day. With that inner core you can blend in with that life of…

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