Christian Animal Welfarists Challenged (Part One)

Shepherding All God's Creatures

The Lord is my Light and Salvation –

Many people, animal welfarists particularly, have turned away from Christian churches, because they believe them to be insensitive to the needs of Creation.  In Christ all things are created and in Him all things are to be redeemed, but humankind, in its fallenness, has abnegated its God-given responsibility for a loving care of Creation and has instead instituted a self-centred tyranny.  Thus animals suffer such legal abuses as factory farming, vivisection, bloodsports fur/skin trading, etc.  As these abuses have escalated in recent decades, the churches have remained largely silent.  They have indeed failed to address Creation issues, though this situation is now changing and individual Christians are at last recognising the responsibilities of stewardship which we must bear.

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