The power to an uplifting world

My Joyous Feature

In an uplifting world you can find that source of power. That source of power can bring that uplifting feature into a much standard of life. Uplift that power into a outstanding moment. A moment that you can spare it altogether. You visualize it with an invisible view.

Uplift into that a great deal more detail. Feeling that power of uplifting into an outer level. Pointing to that guide of finding that bright light at the core of that uplifting world. You can see that light of power leading through that uplifting moment all the way.

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Not all birds are nice.

Hello, I am a bear

Not all birds are nice. I am sorry if this is a controversial statement, but after much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that not every avian creature has my best interest at heart. In fact, some birds are downright malicious toward me for reasons I have not yet discovered.

The first bit of evidence to support my claim presented itself quite awhile ago. I was sitting under a tree branch outside my cave, enjoying the cool shade and thinking about things I like to think about when I hide from the sun’s heat (being a bear, the migration of squirrels, do squirrels migrate?, wait, what is migration?), when a hawk (at least, I think it was a hawk) swooped down and thrusted its sharp feet at my face.

Why did the bird (I am pretty sure it was a hawk) do this? Had I insulted it? Was there…

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Christian Animal Welfarists Challenged (Part One)

Shepherding All God's Creatures

The Lord is my Light and Salvation –

Many people, animal welfarists particularly, have turned away from Christian churches, because they believe them to be insensitive to the needs of Creation.  In Christ all things are created and in Him all things are to be redeemed, but humankind, in its fallenness, has abnegated its God-given responsibility for a loving care of Creation and has instead instituted a self-centred tyranny.  Thus animals suffer such legal abuses as factory farming, vivisection, bloodsports fur/skin trading, etc.  As these abuses have escalated in recent decades, the churches have remained largely silent.  They have indeed failed to address Creation issues, though this situation is now changing and individual Christians are at last recognising the responsibilities of stewardship which we must bear.

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Hope into dream can form entirely 

My Joyous Feature

Hope can get a dream to an understandable life. A dream takes a walking distance to another journey of life. There’s that soul of power when hope can find its direction. Realizing a dream can be reached to that very point. In order to get hold some hope out there a dream has to be reached. It’s like a walking crossroad that can exit down to another path. A dream of hope can be put together. Form into a moment like there’s nothing goes on.

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The Expanse of the Sky


For a moment today
Turn your face to the sun
Let it warm you from the inside out.
Feel the gentle wind blow away any doubts
And imagine that the expanse of the beckoning sky
Is reminding you that your dreams
Lay just beyond the next cloud.

©words Alexis Rose, Image Source: Pixabay

Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

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Life can figure something out……

My Joyous Feature

Life can find its way for a soul to believe in. Looking into that honest feeling of yourself. Experiencing so many things in your life can open its doors for you. You can establish your strength up into that perfect level. Getting that next step of life that can cherish you in full mode. You can open up with that true feeling of believing that actual self of yours. Feeling like you’re on top of the world.

In that figure of life you’re as secure as ever. Putting its way into that Stone Mountain in which you can feel like you’re climbing your way to the upper side. You can get that perfect feeling to just put that puzzle piece together like there’s nothing happens. You can carry that feeling anywhere. Take it along the path.

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Bread dread.

The bear realizes the need to enjoy things as they come.

Hello, I am a bear

During a rather exhausting yet fruitful dumpster excavation I discovered not one, but two, discarded loaves of stale bread that I had never come across before. Eager to taste my findings, I raced back to my cave with both loaves, still in their plastic sleeves, dangling from my mouth. Their stale ends bounced off one another like bells as I trotted through the forest. The crinkly sound their bouncing produced made me quite happy. I would have smiled if I were not so fearful to lose my bounty.

Once in my cave, I placed each loaf at separate sides of the flat rock surface I sleep on. I sat between the loaves and sniffed each one, trying to decide which to try first. The loaf to my left smelled of seeds and mold. The loaf to my right smelled of pumpkin and dumpster juice. Both were so enticing. Both were…

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