The power of inner peace

My Joyous Feature

There’s a moment that can function through that inner peace standard. Inner peace can bring up that power of thought through every step at a time. Opening up to the world in which it shall use that inner peace every time. One simple moment can allow that inner peace shine through it entirely. Feeling strong into that powerful standard. In order to experience that inner peace all you need to do is to take a deep breath and think clearly. When you think clearly you mind will form into that soothing path that can travel along the way. Inner peace is like feeling that precious moment one step at a time. 

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Listen to many perspectives
Enter into many perspectives
Experience many perspectives

Stuck in many perspectives
Pulled in many directions
Always changing directions
Stretch myself into many directions
Spread myself too thin

Here I stand
At the central of
Many opened circular doors
Overwhelmed with mountainous information

Overwhelmed with many new high mountains
Confusion sets in

Which path?
Which direction?
Which way?

Calling out
Reaching out
To my Lord and Saviour

Save me
Help me
Clear my mind

Fix my perspective
Position my career direction
To the only direction

With the right environment
With the right people
Where respect, unity and teamwork dwells

Let me in tune with
My inner-self
My Self-awareness

Inspiration On: Saturday, 26 August 2017
Edited On: Tuesday, 29 August 2017

As I am deciding the path of my career, I feel so confused with many people’s opinions about the career I am choosing. Thus, hearing their perspectives…

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Every place is scary or too mean.

Hello, I am a bear

I worry that I hide myself from the greater expanses of the forest too much. I spend a great deal of time in my cave or near the river I like or by the dumpsters I frequent or in the most familiar patches of grass and dirt I know. Rarely do I traverse beyond my known routine, and when I do, it is usually because of an enticing smell or a terrifying sound or an interesting looking rock.

Generally, I am okay with my regular outings, but when I do worry about my routines, I worry about if I am missing out on something. I worry that there are grand, engaging experiences throughout the forest that I miss simply because I am too scared or comfortable to reach them. Experiences missed simply by virtue of proximity (or lack thereof). The forest does not do much to inform me about the…

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(Repost) Seeing Beyond Appearances


I am sharing again an old post aimed at calling us to see others beyond the judgments and labels we could place on them.  I feel our nation’s tension about race, about immigration, about identity which flared up in Charlottesville and which we see expressed in our tensions about immigration suggest these words from James I explore in an old blog post are worth revisiting.

Your progressive redneck preacher,


outward appearance 1James 2:1-13

As usual, the writer of James cuts right to the heart of our human situation. So often we who claim to be upholders of our Scriptures, be they the law of Moses as the members of his Jewish Christian community or the Christian Scriptures in my community of faith, or perhaps the Quran, the Gita, the words of the Buddha in other religious communities, are more focused on being gate-keepers to determine who is “outside” our circle of welcome than…

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Midweek Mixture

Midweek Mixture



I spent most of this morning indulging in ‘ecotherapy’ (i.e. getting out and about in the open air – my thanks to The Gentlemanfor the term), which also provide me with photographs which will end this post. In between times I will share various pieces that have caught my eye recently. 


I start this section with a petition that has been set up on thepetitionsite calling for Michael Gove to be replaced as Defra minister (see graphic below, which also functions as a link):

GOVE is bad for the environment. Demand new Defra Minister!

It is pretty much impossible for any replacement to be worse than the Downright Dishonourable Mr Gove, although while this dreadful government remains in office the right person for the job will not be selected. In the hope that Jeremy Corbyn, or someone who can influence him might see…

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Confidence through inner and outer beauty

My Joyous Feature

Inner and outer beauty bring confidence into a whole new level. Confidence brings that strong feeling into comfortable positions in life. Life can build some confidence all round. You come through beyond the beauty of confidence. Confidence can stand out all the way to the very top. In between, there’s that self-esteem that can get along with some confidence in that individual.

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(repost) Seeing Beyond Prejudice


In thinking about the issues of racial injustice and divides across culture and religion which we have seen flare up, particularly in Charlottesville but in other parts of our world the last year, I am reminded of the time in the Gospels Jesus is called to confront his own prejudice.  I wrote a little about this last year, and I share it now for your own reflection.

How have you learned to see others more through Christ’s eyes?

Your progressive redneck preacher,


In my last post I talked about some basic practices I find help me discover Christ in another’s story  and the role we all can have in witnessing the presence of Christ in another’s deepest self as it unfolds before us as they open their lives to us.  I suggested we take the role of Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha, before people who open their…

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Thoughts on the Solar Eclipse


Yesterday, I observed the solar eclipse from my backyard using solar viewing glasses.  I also observed what animals were doing during the eclipse.  One very small rabbit with a white spot on their head was nestled under echinacea flowers eating leaves.  The rabbit was only about 50 cm away from me.  The honeybees, bumblebees, and cabbage white butterflies continued to pollinate flowers as usual.  The animals in my yard seemed completely unaware of the event.  The sky never went dark, but the sun looked like a bright yellow moon, or an orange slice, through the solar glasses.