(Repost) Seeing Beyond Appearances


I am sharing again an old post aimed at calling us to see others beyond the judgments and labels we could place on them.  I feel our nation’s tension about race, about immigration, about identity which flared up in Charlottesville and which we see expressed in our tensions about immigration suggest these words from James I explore in an old blog post are worth revisiting.

Your progressive redneck preacher,


outward appearance 1James 2:1-13

As usual, the writer of James cuts right to the heart of our human situation. So often we who claim to be upholders of our Scriptures, be they the law of Moses as the members of his Jewish Christian community or the Christian Scriptures in my community of faith, or perhaps the Quran, the Gita, the words of the Buddha in other religious communities, are more focused on being gate-keepers to determine who is “outside” our circle of welcome than…

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