Why are you not impressed, shouting human?

Hello, I am a bear

I am very impressed by humans. They live in very strange, cold caves that stick out of the forest floor. Some of them have tiny lakes dedicated to their strange caves. They wear removable fur on top of their regular fur. They have small but, I am guessing, powerful teeth. They create wonderful smells.

Humans are such impressive, strange creatures.

One of the things that most impresses me about humans is how they walk on just two paws instead of four. I need all four of my paws for my balance and composure. If even one paw is removed from its stability, I run the chance of clashing with the ground in a most violent manner.Humans do not have this problem. Humans get to keep two paws up in the air at all times. Sometimes they even use those paws to carry things. If I want to carry something, I…

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