More bearku.

Hello, I am a bear

Forest can be dark,
an angry and scary place.
Being a bear helps.


New dumpster findings:
baby raccoon with sharp teeth.
Please stop biting me.


Sometimes I worry:
Will the sun choose to eat me?
How can I stop it?


There are many trees.
Do they know one another
or like each other?


If I fall over
and no one sees me do it
I still fell over.


I cannot nap here
There are ants building their homes
I am not monster


The deer is quite rude
He lives across the river
He should never leave


I ate many sticks
My belly is not happy
I still ate some more


The way my paws smell
Makes me quite happy indeed
I will not wash them


Oops, I fell over
At least I did not get hurt
This bench is sad, though

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