Book suggestions for Pit Bull Awareness Day (October 27th, 2013)

The Ontario Pit Bull Ban is now 12 years old.

Art by Nicole Corrado

It has been 8 years since Ontario implemented the controversial pi bull ban.  The ban doesn’t protect people, but has become an animal welfare concern.  To learn more about pit bulls and breed-specific legislation, here are a few book suggestions:

Dog Lost, (written by Ingrid Lee, published in 2010 by Chicken House), introduces children to the problems with breed-specific legislation.  As a small city is preposing a ban on pit bulls, a pit bull puppy gets lost  While pit bulls are being maligned, this puppy manages to become a hero not only to people in his community, but also to the dozens of shelter pit bulls whose lives are at risk from the proposed ban.  Dog Lost provides a detailed, balanced view of breed banning, while remaining hopeful for breed banning to end.

Dogtown, (written by Stefan Bechtel, published in 2010 by National Geographic), tells the true stories…

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