Remembering the dogs of WWII: Two recommended books for Remembrance Day

Art by Nicole Corrado

Today is Remembrance Day.  As someone fascinated with animals, I would like to recommend two books that I have recently read.

The first, Duke (Kirby Larson, Scholastic Press, 2013, Jacket art by Blake Morrow), tells the story of one boy’s difficult decision to enrol his dog in Dogs for Defence.  Hobie Hanson loves his dog, Duke.  He hears about Dogs for Defence, but doesn’t want to give his dog away to the army.  But Hobie’s father is in the army, and Hobie feels pressured to enlist Duke, if it means brining his dad home sooner.  Hobie misses both dearly, and keeps writing letters inquiring about their safety.  Duke is a very believable story that introduces young and young at heart readers to the often forgotten role that family pets played in WWII.  Duke is a sweet yet realistic tale that animal lovers from children to seniors will enjoy.


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