Autism is nothing to fear. Are you scared of me?

the silent wave

I live in the US, where the predominant feeling surrounding the autism spectrum is fear. Parents decline to vaccinate their children because because they’re afraid they’ll wind up autistic.

Parents, I hear you, on a certain level. Some children really do react badly to vaccines. I’ve heard too many stories, even from people I know–reasonable people whose kids are changed in some way after getting their shots. I can’t/won’t ignore you.

I’m telling you though, I don’t care what the doctor or psychologist told you: if your child didn’t respond well to a vaccine, it might have been a cytokine reaction, but it’s not autism. The medical providers may have called it that, handing down a diagnosis even. It may even *look* like autism. There might be some overlap of outwardly visible characteristics.

But I’m a doctor, too. And I’ve done the research. And it’s *not* autism.

I’ll tell…

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