Happy World Disability Day

Art by Nicole Corrado

In honour of World Disability Day, I would like to mention two Christmas books starring a young adult with autism (formally PDD-NOS), by author Greg Kincaid and their prequel.  A Dog Named Christmas (Doubleday, 2008) focus on George McCray, a his wife Mary Ann, and their 20 year old son, Todd.  Narrated by George, the story describes how the jovial animal expert Todd encourages his grumpy father to get over his 40 year reluctance to have a dog, after a traumatic experience during the Vietnam War.  Their hometown of Crossing Trails, Kansas, is holding a foster-for-Christmas program.  Todd drags his reluctant dad to the local Animal Services shelter, and selects a big black Lab he names Christmas.  Through Christmas, Todd develops a real mature sense of responsibility.  George also heals, allowing himself to let go of his past.  (While George perhaps as a reflection of his age unfortunately uses the…

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