“Judgement” isn’t what you think it is, and neither is God (part 2)

Shepherding All God's Creatures

As we lift up scriptures about Jesus the Messiah as prayers to be fulfilled, let’s pray that the church will see God clearly: not as the angry, judgmental God the way religion has portrayed, but as a perfectly loving God who is angry at suffering and injustice, and whose judgement is good news for the hurting and oppressed! It’s like a judge who hears a horrible abuse case in court, and rules in favor of the victim to provide safety and justice for her by ensuring that the perpetrator will not be allowed to keep hurting others… This judgement is GOOD NEWS for the victim! God’s judgement is good news for all creation, out of love for he created! This is the only kind of judgement we are to reflect. God invited us to be partners with Him in loving others (and all creation), which includes defending others from…

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