Why I struggle with ‘inspiration’ – A lot


The other day I was having a conversation with someone I have known on and off since my teenage years – before I was diagnosed. I was talking to her about my life and work. She asked me an odd question – ‘Do you work from home?’ I said that no I work in an office building with my colleagues. Then she asked how I got there. I told her I took the bus. Suddenly that terrible look came across her face. I’m not very good at reading looks but I usually I know this one all too well. She looked at me like I was a confused toddler and said ‘oh well done for getting the bus!’ as if of all my accomplishments that was the most impressive. The fact that the skills needed to do the work which I go to after I get off the bus are…

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Bearku from a bear for a you.

Hello, I am a bear

I hope you enjoy
these bearku I made for you.
I think they are nice.


I found a sharp rock.
It bit me inside my mouth.
Why did it do this?


The river has fish.
The grass has all the insects.
Where do I belong?


I do not eat snails.
They are simply too crunchy,
but slugs feel just fine.


Why am I a bear
when so many are not bears?
Can’t we all be bears?


Cold air finds a way
to let you know it is here.
Where is my hot air?


Human caves: pros, cons
Pros: quite warm, almost no deer
Cons: so much yelling


It is hard to trust
when even the sun and moon
can’t stay in one place.


Tress do not have names.
But I will call this one Ted.
Ted seems very nice.


Grass is…

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Random Thoughts: Moments, True Beauty, Silver Lining, & Confidence

My Joyous Feature

[I just write something out whatever on my mind. I simply called it “Random Thoughts” and add some words that’s in this post. Later on I’ll add some more “Random Thoughts”. I called it “Random Thoughts” because I couldn’t think of a title and to me it seems like each part is different from one another.]

Something beyond that point of life shall fill the air. The air is filled with wonders. Getting hold of it through that spiritual moment. Seeing it like a soothing method. Seeing it very peaceful.

There’s that light of day. Spreading its arms out wide. It will take that moment in a relief. A relief that can bring that strong feeling of life.

That smile has an opening moment. Holding it against a bright of day. Feeling a lot joyful that ever. Leading up into a peaceful standard. It’s like filling that perfect dream. A…

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Suffering Of The Innocents – Part One

Shepherding All God's Creatures

In preparation for Lent we share the following article from Roslyne Smith‘s book, Animal Welfare: Through The Cross, A Collection of Animal Christian Concern Articles.  You can order her book here.  The article is one of my (Kathy’s) favorites and is written by Roslyne!  As I re-read her fine penmanship, I was reminded how much our Lord suffered for us – the innocent taking the place of those who are far from innocent, not only to save us but to restore the created order for all life and the entire cosmos.

Shepherding All God’s Creatures Emblem

During a recent nostalgic visit to my birthplace, I stood for a while gazing at the house where virtually all of my childhood memories of my mother have been.  She died when I was just four years old, following a long battle with cancer, leaving my father to look after three children…

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