A moment to release, intend, and acceptance

My Joyous Feature

I release my judgment into that caring moment. Opening up through every wonders of life. Taking it to a whole new level. Feeling like every thought in my head counts. Looking like there’s that empowerment to cherish through every moment that counts.

I intend to keep up my intensity. Being open to myself can cherish the spirit. It can also cherish through my soul. There’s really nothing negative about it. Sensing it into the power of reliance.

I accept every moment that counts. Placing myself in charge beyond my mind, body, and soul. Feeling like I shall challenge myself to take that stand for myself. Making me want to accept myself for who I am.

Every second in my life shall release, intend, and accept the quality of life. I shall carry it along the way. The journey of life puts that hard and that efficient feeling inside and out…

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