Random Thoughts: Moments, True Beauty, Silver Lining, & Confidence

My Joyous Feature

[I just write something out whatever on my mind. I simply called it “Random Thoughts” and add some words that’s in this post. Later on I’ll add some more “Random Thoughts”. I called it “Random Thoughts” because I couldn’t think of a title and to me it seems like each part is different from one another.]

Something beyond that point of life shall fill the air. The air is filled with wonders. Getting hold of it through that spiritual moment. Seeing it like a soothing method. Seeing it very peaceful.

There’s that light of day. Spreading its arms out wide. It will take that moment in a relief. A relief that can bring that strong feeling of life.

That smile has an opening moment. Holding it against a bright of day. Feeling a lot joyful that ever. Leading up into a peaceful standard. It’s like filling that perfect dream. A…

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