Bearku from a bear for a you.

Hello, I am a bear

I hope you enjoy
these bearku I made for you.
I think they are nice.


I found a sharp rock.
It bit me inside my mouth.
Why did it do this?


The river has fish.
The grass has all the insects.
Where do I belong?


I do not eat snails.
They are simply too crunchy,
but slugs feel just fine.


Why am I a bear
when so many are not bears?
Can’t we all be bears?


Cold air finds a way
to let you know it is here.
Where is my hot air?


Human caves: pros, cons
Pros: quite warm, almost no deer
Cons: so much yelling


It is hard to trust
when even the sun and moon
can’t stay in one place.


Tress do not have names.
But I will call this one Ted.
Ted seems very nice.


Grass is…

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