An generation for expression

My Joyous Feature

The formulation takes a genuine life into an generation. Looking into that thoughtful moment for an experience. An expression takes a positive role into a personality. Understanding it as that powerful feeling.

Life through expression can open up into that pure moment. It will bring out that joy on the inside and out. An open feeling for that expression is to feel more wonderful about it.

The world can be sated with some self-expression. Thinking about the fulfillment. Leading into that much positive role in life. Like there’s that shadow of delight. It will never allow those precious moments alone.

There’s that true beauty that can put that expression into a whole different meaning. Cherish the essence on that true confidence. Expression can take that true beauty into that level of assurance

A perfect heart will tag along that expression. Bringing that genuine soul into a manifestation. Letting it form…

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