Toward the River: A Poem of Hope

Thirty Days of Autism

Toward the River…

Toward the River
I saw the bird-tipped tree
written strong
against the smoke-faded
hills and sky
Living paintbrushes
entwined as silhouette
amidst destruction
resting there
holding space
and promise
for tomorrow

Leah Kelley
February 23, 2018

Image: Square black and white photo of trees with no leaves – and birds silhouetted on the ends of the branches. Text of poem (above) is overlaid with a misty blue background.

I began this poem in August 2017, as we drove along the smokey Thompson River in the fire ravaged interior of British Columbia. I kept those few scribbled lines on a scrap of paper, and finally came back to the image of the bird-tipped tree this past while. It is connected now to other things I am witnessing, and in part written in homage to those who push back against oppression, in solidarity with their vision and…

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