The Laughter of God and the Pain of our Lives and World


Prayer-Training-Day-picPsalm 2

Why do the nations rant?
   Why do the peoples rave uselessly?
2 The earth’s rulers take their stand;
   the leaders scheme together
   against the Lord and
   against his anointed one.
3         “Come!” they say.
       “We will tear off their ropes
       and throw off their chains!”
Laughing-Jesus4 The one who rules in heaven laughs;
   my Lord makes fun of them.
5 But then God speaks to them angrily;
   then he terrifies them with his fury:
6         “I hereby appoint my king on Zion,
       my holy mountain!”

7 I will announce the Lord’s decision:
   He said to me, “You are my son,
       today I have become your father.
8 Just ask me,
   and I will make the nations your possession;
   the far corners of the earth will be your property.
9 You will smash them with an iron rod;
   you will shatter them like a pottery jar.”

10 So kings…

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