Lent Reflections – Part Four– “Through The Cross To The New Creation, The Church In Action”

Shepherding All God's Creatures

Part two of an article based on a talk given by May Tripp at the Retreat For Animal Welfare, Maryvale, 19th June, 1993.  This article is included in the book, “Animal Welfare:  Through The Cross, A Collection Of Animal Christian Concern Articles” by Roslyne Smith.  The book can be purchase here.

John, Creation Swap Photo by Krist Adams

In Part One, we left off where by the author, May Tripp, is about to explore the passages in Matthew 15 v 1-20.


Looking at the passage in question we see that Jesus is here talking to Pharisees and teachers of the law and we know well how Jesus constantly warned them against their legalism. In fact the whole passage is about legalism, not directly about food at all, but about rituals such as hand washing and food laws. Yes, Jesus reminds his listeners, as He always did…

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