Cheerful of Passion

My Joyous Feature

There’s that cheerful moment when a powerful soul shall live beyond greater things. Putting that joy of happiness into the honest feeling of passion. Bringing it forward to a whole new start. Experiencing it with a smile on that precious face.

A happy moment will start with some positive ideas. Seeing that brightest feeling shine into a pleasant statement. That negative will never overshadow a positive, cheerful moment.

Surviving with a cheerful attitude of mind will win over everything. Bringing it into that bright feeling. Looking into that optimism for success. In the meantime a cheerful life will bring some achievements in.

Life beyond that cheerful moment will balance out things. Getting that good side of life against all odds. Getting hold of these cheerful things forward. No bad side of life required.

A cheerful mind can be like discovering a perfect smile from a picture. Seeing it perfect as…

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