The Pain in Someone Else’s Eyes

Take time to engage with the people around you.


They look so serene
sitting straight
hands slightly clenched
gently laying in their lap.

The cadence of their voice is slow, even, steady, and clear.

The conversation flows.

But when you look into their eyes
the pain of hidden burdens echoes
from the windows of their soul.

You lock in, trying to console the dark
deep pain that oozes quietly
insidiously trying to erode
their dreams of tomorrow.

Giving comfort with a nod
and a gentle smile, you mirror
a silent acceptance of who they are.

Reassuring them that they are seen
and letting them know
that as time passes
it will be okay, that they are okay.

Please don’t turn away
look deep, see and respectfully acknowledge
the pain in someone else’s eyes.

©Alexis Rose, Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

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