Amazing People: Aimee Copeland

My Joyous Feature

Aimee Copeland is a grad student whose future has just been started. On the faithful day on May 2012 her life changed. A zip line fall leaves a cut on her calf and has to have stitches. Later on, after having to have stitches in her calf she noticed something wrong with her. It was revealed that she has a flesh-eating bacteria.

During the suffering from that illness caused so many things to her body. It has caused her hands, a part of her abdomen, one leg, and one foot amputated in order to survive. Aimee has to rebuild her life by learning to do things and has fitted with prosthetics. This does not stop her from doing so many opportunities to overpower.

Aimee has been an inspiration to others. She’s an advocate for people with disabilities. Started a foundation. Living independently like driving, cooking, putting on make up and…

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