Getting Triggered by the News

I too follow the puppy and kitten rule!


I make a conscious effort to try and stay off certain news outlets. It’s a tricky line to walk sometimes because I’m inherently curious and interested in what is happening in current events around the world. I don’t want to live in a bubble. I want to know whats happening, I want to be able to critically think about things so I can form my opinions and have thoughtful conversations.

While I was going through the throes of processing my memories, my therapist had me follow the “puppy and kitten rule.” My symptoms were at their worst. I was in and out flashbacks, my anxiety was almost constant, along with panic, fear, and a complete lack of feeling safe.

The puppy and kitten rule was that I could watch anything as long as it included cute puppies and kittens. I stayed away from the intense news, was mindful of what…

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The Imaginative Features

My Joyous Feature

An imaginative life takes on a visionary creation. Getting it into a more resourceful concept throughout that dreamy world. Seeing it a lot more creative than ever. That imaginative life can carry it through so many characteristics. Carry it forward into a whole new meaning.

The eye of that precious soul shall lead up to that imaginative state. Experiencing it as that genuine beauty from the heart. The heart takes it like pure gold. Feeling like that perfect sight will follow through. Cherish it with that much more honest though.

There’s a sign of intelligence will open up into an imaginative creation. The world brings on an imaginary intelligence. Looking into that knowledge of power. Like when that rising moment shines through. Experiencing it in that perfect way.

Centering on that imaginative life will build up. Experiencing it with some perfect eyes. Those eyes will bring that focusing life into…

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Recently I went out for a meal with a friend who is also a science graduate, and our conversation turned to deep matters. My friend was pondering our insignificance as creatures on a tiny planet in a single galaxy in a vast cosmos. Did our lives have meaning?

This proved a golden opportunity for me to gain another perspective on the question whose interpretation has always foxed me, the question of whether life is the kind of thing which actually has meaning.

For my friend, a fellow Catholic, if there were no afterlife, there would be no cosmic consequences to our moral actions; then, the only consequences of our human acts would be ephemeral memories which are mostly wiped out when our generation of friends is dead, and totally obliterated once our sun goes nova – if the earth hasn’t already been destroyed by some other cosmic catastrophe.


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Resting Between the Waves


I worked extremely hard the past nine years to understand that emotions and feelings come and go. I learned not to run from them, or try and cleave them off as if they were not happening.  I know that feelings and emotions are like waves on the ocean. Some of them are gentle ripples, and some feel as intense as a tsunami. The waves come and the waves go, each breaking on the shore and all are time-limited. 

So much emotion! I feel thankful, happy, I feel stunned. I feel tired, confused, scared and sometimes terrified. I feel a sense of peace, and connectedness to the world around me. I feel hope, and calm. I’m full of anxiety, sadness, doubt, and restlessness. I am up, I am down. I am content. 

I have learned to sit with the emotion. I understand that even the most intense feelings will ebb even though it…

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Calmness Will Soothe Out Everything

My Joyous Feature

A calming situation will make for that soothing method in. Letting that peaceful thought stood out. That perfect strength will carry it through that genuine freedom of life. Holding it against that inner lifestyle.

That calmer mind will cherish through a complete strength. Letting it fall into that mindful health. There’s a very important detail about it. Finding that calming source into a pure situation. A situation that will cherish that good side of life.

Your thoughts will never controls you. You can control yourself with that genuine power. That power is yours to control it. Having that very own control with your thoughts.

There’s that tense for relaxation. Calming your body and mind in a more sensible way. Feeling like you’re at peace. It’s like seeing things very clearly.

A brightest moment will shine that calmness at its very best. Feeling like a soothing dream. Looking at it like…

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Shared from ClickAbility – ‘My Wonderful World of Work’


“When I was a child, my dad had a market garden. Times were tough and he worked long days to keep us all fed and clothed. He even had lights in the greenhouses so that he could work after dark. Some days I would only see him at breakfast and dinner. The main lesson I took from this was that you need to work hard to survive.

I left home at 17. In order to fund my independent living, I got a job. This was in 1992, in the middle of a major recession. I went to a lot of job interviews and ended up getting a job in a fast food restaurant. That ingrained work ethic from my childhood meant that I was highly proficient at a job I actually hated. I was promoted to junior manager….”

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The Pain in Someone Else’s Eyes

Take time to engage with the people around you.


They look so serene
sitting straight
hands slightly clenched
gently laying in their lap.

The cadence of their voice is slow, even, steady, and clear.

The conversation flows.

But when you look into their eyes
the pain of hidden burdens echoes
from the windows of their soul.

You lock in, trying to console the dark
deep pain that oozes quietly
insidiously trying to erode
their dreams of tomorrow.

Giving comfort with a nod
and a gentle smile, you mirror
a silent acceptance of who they are.

Reassuring them that they are seen
and letting them know
that as time passes
it will be okay, that they are okay.

Please don’t turn away
look deep, see and respectfully acknowledge
the pain in someone else’s eyes.

©Alexis Rose, Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

Thank you for reading my latest book, If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and available…

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Greece – an Aperitif

Greece – an Aperitif



I am just back from a week in Greece, mainly in places without internet connections. I have huge numbers of photos to edit, so to keep things going for the moment I am presenting a selection from across the week, plus the return flight, on which I had a window seat.


Lizard I The first few pictures here are from in and arouns Tseria, where I was staying.

Lizard IICleopatraLizard IIIButterflyButterfly IIHeraldic Double EagleButterfly - folded wingsMule trackButterfly on spiky plant

Map This map is part of the decor of the shop from which my new Sandals came.

Fish in rockpoolred beetleOrange Butterfly

Me at the gateway to Methoni Castle My new profile pic – me at the gateway to Methoni Castle.

View at Methoni Castle

The Bourtzi of Methoni The Bourtzi of Methoni.

The bridge connecting the Bourtzi to the main castle The bridge linking the main castle and the Bourtzi

The main castle from the Bourtzi The main castle from the Bourtzi

Heraldic lion, Methoni A heraldic lion set into the stonework of the outer wall of the castle

Giant green beetle

The Bath of Nestor The bath of Nestor, Pylos

Yellow butterflyHopping insectNatural Window

House Martin nests House Martin nests, Agios Nikolaos

Adult House Martin visits one of the nests An adult House Martin visits one of the nests

Distant view of Karytaina Castle Karytaina…

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Part Seven– “Through The Cross To The New Creation, The Church In Action”

Shepherding All God's Creatures

We continue with Part Seven, the finale of, “Through The Cross To The New Creation, The Church In Action”, written by May Tripp, founder of Animal Christian Concern, or ACC.  If you have not read the previous posts you can find them here:  Parts OneTwo Three Four Five, Six This article is included in the book, “Animal Welfare:  Through The Cross, A Collection Of Animal Christian Concern Articles” by Roslyne Smith, and can be purchased here.  For those who would like to read the entire article:  THROUGH-THE-CROSS Article 10

Jan van Kessel
Wikimedia Commons

I have tried in this talk to show how we, as Christians, share in the strivings and sufferings of secular animal welfarists, the sufferings of the Cross. Especially I want to say how we in our work are dependent not upon our own strengths – which are frail…

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