No more ‘so what’ – How autistic passions can change the world


I was on a number of flights earlier this week. One of them was the Regional Express flight form Adelaide to Port Lincoln. The plane seated about 20 people. There was only one flight attendant – a man in his early thirties who evidently loved his job. He was friendly, courteous and professional. As someone who loves their work, I could feel a strong affinity with this man and his care and diligence. Reflecting on this I imagined that no careers teacher anywhere has ever said “If you work really hard and apply yourself you can be the flight attendant on the Adelaide to Pert Lincoln flight’. We are conditioned to value high powered professions with a lot of responsibilities or prestige. When I was a high academic achiever at high school my teachers told me I could study law or medicine. At the time I couldn’t think of anything…

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