Choosing the Gospel Over Nationalism (repost)


With the recent debate about how to handle families including children at the US border, I want to spend a few days reposting some old blog posts I wrote for Progressive Redneck Preacher about immigration. Hope they bless you!


stephen-barnwell-empire-of-america-moneyIn a previous post, I shared about how both Democratic and Republican administrations have failed to live up fully to the call of Scripture to welcome the immigrant, refugee, or displaced person as if in them they welcome Christ.  And so we must really be willing to take on a critical stance not only to those of whatever political parties and viewpoints oppose us (in my case, not just criticizing political conservatives), but let our faith and values critique the political and social groups that feel like our tribe.   For Christians, this means letting the Gospel of Christ, not political allegiance, be our standard.  It means seeing our ultimate allegiance…

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