the silent wave

OK, so the month of May sort of slipped out the door underneath my nose.  Most of June did pretty much the same thing, to the point where even my partner was asking me “when was the last time you even blogged on Silent Wave?”

And I had to take a moment to check.

Oops.  ❤

So, I’ll take my current Insomniac Attack to catch up on things.

Everything happens for a reason, and all that.

So anyway, the first quarter of the degree program I mentioned in one of my more “recent” posts had indeed stolen my writing muse.  The program itself will involve a lot of writing, and I’m only just beginning, so all I can say for now is that I will do my very best not to let this blog get too dormant over the next couple of years.  (I’m still on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum…

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