Why I worry, and how I might possibly stop worrying for a bit

Counting the Ways

It is not a secret that I spend a lot of my time worrying. Most of the time I meet the outside world with fear and anxiety, and my brain is forever spooling off all kinds of horrible possibilities and consequences. I have written before how I always think that others know everything so much better than I do, and that, if they looked closely, they would see how incompetent and sloppy I really am. I have zero confidence in my own knowledge and skills. And so I worry.

I’ve been worrying for days about a visit from colleagues from another museum. They were to bring over objects on loan and install them. There had been a lot of communication in advance, they had seen our facilities, and they had pronounced themselves satisfied with everything. And yet I dreaded this visit, because somehow I imagined they would see me do…

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