Iris: Welcoming a Wetland Worker

My Altona Forest

Hot, sunburned, covered in mosquito bites, smeared in mud … that’s me.

This is not my idea of fun. Ever. I actually hate mud, bugs, and humidity – ask anyone who knows me. I get sun rashes and can’t stand worms. I am more neutral about the slugs and snails now sitting on my rubber booties. I don’t like going off-trail or stepping ankle deep into squelching mud.

Today was the last day of my planting. Late in the season and thus even more challenging. It’s June 4th and I’m putting the last 36 iris plugs into their homes in the north-west corner of Altona Forest.

So why did I do this? Spend hours over the past few days in mud? Because the end justifies the means. I’ve met red (biting) ants, all sorts of bugs, poison ivy, and piles of deadfall. Today and these areas are the worst.


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