(My) autism and restlessness

the silent wave

There’s something peculiar about summer, besides the obvious concepts of higher temperatures and the longer daylight hours. There’s an amped-up-ness, a summer zenith opposing the winter’s nadir, a yang running counter to yin.

And everybody “out there”, meaning outside of my apartment, is just a little more yang. It happens every year; I wonder if they notice the pattern?

But patterns are my job. I’m a Systemizer, after all.

I’ve often lived my life with the sensation of being an outside observer, living on the planet but not really in it. Being human without being a member of society. Being a classmate or a family member without being much of a participant.

My lack of social interaction permits me the spare time to notice things others miss, although the medical professionals would rather focus on that which others see that I miss. I suppose I could put the “ire” back…

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