And then I found peace


I risked and shared
I gave, I received
I stood up, resisted
and then I rested.

I listened, I learned
My mind cleared
my breath became
deeper, slower.

In the sometimes uneasy stillness
I listened to the silence.

My body became
light and floaty
while still feeling the earth
firmly under my feet.

I slowed down
took the time
and leaned into
what felt like a snail’s pace.

I learned it’s okay
even when it feels like it’s not.

I put my hand over
the gnarly scar of my soul
and with tender self-compassion
I felt peace.

The impermanence of feelings
of adventures, of moments in time.
The highs, the lows, the neutrals
will never dull that moment
that smile of recognition
when I said to myself, “I get it!”
It was that exact moment
that I found and made peace with my past.

©Alexis Rose, photo source: Google images

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