The Cosmos Effect

My Joyous Feature

There’s a brief moment through the universe. Finding it a lot more orderly in an entire manner. More like a systematic moment into the cosmos. Feels a lot more like science fiction. Chaos can compare to the creation.

A secret order can carry it through. More like a surreptitious way to power it up with the cosmos. Existing into a pure subject. Living into a pure matter. Bringing some consequences against all odds. Putting a complex movement through a cosmos world.

Gravity lets out a cosmos effect. Watching it through the lust times. Bringing it to the stars and more in a viewing figure. The effects of the universe can be more into a startling adventure. An adventure that can lift up to its best moments for the cosmos.

An interesting moment can carry that cosmos effects in an ordinary manner. Knowing more about the effects for the creation. Putting…

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