Love into the Joys of Music

My Joyous Feature

Listening to music can bring that feeling in and out. Experiencing that moment to express it. Makes you want to get up and dance to the beat. Music will open up at anyway. Likewise the music can get your mind off of things.

A loving life can learn the joys of music up to the very best. Cherish it to those good moments. Feeling that peaceful thought letting the music rise to that better empowerment. Music can hit you without pain. Letting you follow your mind into a feeling of music.

Music can speak without words. Carrying it through like there’s nothing going to ever happen. Expressing life through music. Listening to it can bring that empowerment out. It can be impossible to understand the silence through music. Taking it forward afterward.

That grand moment can carry a sweet song. Feeling like a perfect lullaby. A sweet song can carry…

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