Find Meaning In Your Life *NEW POST*

Dr. Eric Perry’s Blog

By Dr. Perry, PhD

“There’s nothing like impending death to rouse you from existential boredom.” ~Roger Ebert

One of my pet peeves is to hear others complain about how bored they are with life. They wonder out loud, “What is the purpose of it all if we are going to die anyway?” To be bored with our life is a luxury we cannot afford and should not indulge.

I believe that this combination of boredom and the unreasonable belief that time can be wasted without repercussions is due primarily to not having a clear meaning for your life. Meaning can be found in the most beautiful moments of life as well as the most heart wrenching ones. Often, the meaning of one’s life is found after you have crossed paths with death. After an encounter with the possibility of nonexistence, we tend to renew our vows to life. Suddenly, life appears…

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