Equality through Equal

My Joyous Feature

Life can accept things through that equality measure. Carrying it into that perfect knowledge. Balancing that common fact about it. Leading up to that greater value. Upon things that can make for some equality into equal rights.

The world can be filled with some equality. Feeling like that bond through nature. Every surrounding can form it’s equal qualities. Bringing it into the balancing movement. Noticing some power that can give chase along with equality.

An equal society can bring some perfect action through knowledge. Bringing it into an educational start. A learning effect will get hold of that equal society to a whole different level. Appearing at a subject will make it’s equality moves. Turning it into a different proportion.

There’s that civic life that will cherish a history for equality. Earning it a learning effect. Taking it into a hard working situation. Like there’s something a lot more interesting…

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