The World Shall Embrace

My Joyous Feature

Our eyes can embrace the world. The world can be full of wonders. Finding some true feelings that shall tag along with so many things. Things that shall open up with some vivid moments. Moments in life shall endure through the brightest of all. It can be more like rising up into that perfect figure of life. Life cherish these moments in advance.

A genuine empowerment can take its precious moments against all odds. More like a soul who is articulating something about their spirits. Spirits can move up to the surface. Finding wisdom beneath it all. At every step that counts, there’s some pure sorrows. Sorrows that shall conquer the troubles that can carry it through.

Life beyond these cherishing moments can flow. Flowing into those moments that can take something more into that common life. Feels more like a flower rising up from the surface. That surface can…

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