Autism and new technologies – or why I broke Uber and Minecraft surprised me


I recently had a bad experience with an Uber (ride share company) driver. My mental health had been misbehaving so I was stressed and a bit confused and I was in a different city. The driver didn’t turn up. He called me and I told him where I was and then still didn’t turn up. Rather than cancelling the ride I just got in a nearby cab – it was all very stressful and I forgot the sequence of how this stuff is meant to work. Cue irate Uber driver no doubt giving me a very poor rating. I imagine that I am far form the first autistic person – or just stressed and slightly confused person – to fall afoul of the ratings system on Uber!

This experience got me to thinking about new technologies and autism more broadly.

I’ll start with the positives. In my own experience social…

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