That Heart of Mind

My Joyous Feature

A perfect touch will melt through the heart. Having that perfect sense to cherish something. Something that can tag along with a pure essence. That pure heart can balance out a soul of life. Feeling like there’s that strong power to follow things through.

Essence along with mind and soul can balance out that caring moment. A mind will think of the affection. Finding it more than just a bittersweet delight. The soul can be like a liveliness to the heart. Mind and soul can cherish the core at a complete moment.

Throughout the center from the joys of everyone, there’s a brighter moment. A moment that can feel more like a smile. A smile that can demand over that key moment. Opening that lock to a lovely heart. Letting it shine to the brightest.

There’s secrets of the heart. Appearing through the mirror and there’s a reflection. A reflection…

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