Together We Will Dance In The Sun


When we hear I’m sorry, and we release each other from needless pain
I’ll help you color in your tattered soul with the colors of the rainbow.

Together we’ll run through the fields of flowers that we dreamed of when we shivered in the nights.

We’ll risk making a wish, and imagine that we break the chains
reject the monikers, and run into the sunlight
dive into the ocean waves, and laugh out loud.

We’ll forgive ourselves for the pain and suffering that we saw
and that we endured.

We’ll understand that being an object, a tool, a creature
is words that they said and that they are lies.

Then you and I will understand that we are real people.
Made out of the same star stuff as all the other people in the world.
With skin, and a heart, and a soul.

If we can learn to trust each…

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