Life is a Common to a Miracle

My Joyous Feature

Through that common feeling there’s something that can be more like looking for a true miracle. A miracle of life can comprehend on so many things. Something can be related to that mutual feeling. It may be more like a blossoming flower. That blooming moment of a flower can take it throughout that common spirit of life. Taking it at that brightest moment in advance.

A nature of life can feel more like a common miracle. Sort of like the changes in every step. Applying it on that joy of life. Life can take on a working miracle. Letting it shine into peace. That peaceful state shall lay on that nature of life at its very best.

Moments in a common life shall overcome something in a pleasant manner. More than just a pure miracle to bring it into that joyful life. Rising into that glowing feeling. Making it unbelievable…

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