My Own Version On “The Night Before Christmas”

My Joyous Feature

As the night before Christmas

in all through the house

not a noise to hear with silence all about.

In that peaceful night

everyone is tucked in bed

ready for that tremendous day.

Children are ready to discover

what Santa Claus will give them.

They desired that the giftsare from their wish list.

They want to try their very best to be good this year

then they can impress Santa on their good behavior.

As Christmas Day will come up really soon

and everything was decorated so that day will come.

The family gathers from all around visiting for Christmas

it’s going to be the best Christmas so far.

There’s so many traditions that it gets to Christmas so amazing.

No matter what things going to happen

along this very special holiday,

it’s a great pleasure to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas.

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