Long Nights In the Forest

My Altona Forest

This is a poignant time of year – full of festivities and family gatherings and things to do – but it’s also the time when dusk creeps in at 4:45pm and it seems we spend most of our hours in the dark. It’s a time when the blues can set in as our days have more hours of darkness.

Solstice will arrive soon – either on December 21 or 22 – depending on the year. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year; the day with the fewest hours of light. For early people, these were the lean times as their world slipped further into the long winter and the days were short and food was scarce.

They celebrated the ‘sun reborn’ on the longest night of the year since each subsequent day would get a few minutes longer. All through the northern hemisphere, there is history of…

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