Life can open up into so many things.

My Joyous Feature

Life puts a listening effect through total wisdom. Feeling like there’s some pure empowerment in between. Taking in that total source that shall bring wisdom and empowerment together. Forming them like putting every word into one true meaning.

There’s that open mind that can claim it’s wonderful turn. Heading things up in that controlling movement. That movement shall overcome everything. Bringing that open mind into something more meaningful.

A common life balanced up into a starting level. More like rising up into a better spirit. Leading things up into a much more potent level. A level can hold things in a more improving life. Caring for the goodness in life.

Every moment in life can hold something more powerful. Powerful enough to stand out against all odds. Placing it into an unbelievable response. Kind of like moving forward. Life shall take control beyond everything. Balancing that lifestyle against all odds.

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